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Welcome to the Future

Welcome to the future of data analysis with the only built from the ground up Data Analysis Desktop featuring the unique Meta5 "Capsule".

Meta5 is the worlds most productive and effective Data Analysis Desktop for the Power Data Analysts in today's Big Data driven companies.

With Meta5 in the hands of your best and brightest Power Data Analysts you will see clearly into the future and out compete your competitors.

We invite you to look around our site and see for yourself.

Meta5: The better way

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Meta5 - The Better Way

  • Are you frustrated by your Business Intelligence solution?
  • Are there questions that never seem to get answered?
  • Do you have confidence in the numbers on your reports?
  • Can you prove they are correct?
  • Are you constrained by the limits of your analysis tools?
  • Does your company still make big decisions based on “gut feel” because you don’t have all the data?
  • Do you spend most of your time gathering data instead of analysing it?
  • Does IT write your reports for you when you would rather write them yourself?
  • Do you struggle to get your “IT guy” to understand what it is you need?
  • Do you believe there must a better way?

We do too. Because there is: Meta5.

Meta5 provides the “fastest time to answer”.

When you’ve tried the other solutions and failed, call us.

When getting answers to your questions costs too much and takes too long, call us.

When you are serious about Business Intelligence, call us.

We provide the “fastest time to answer” for those questions you have only just thought to ask

Meta5 is the worlds most sophisticated and advanced Data Analysis Desktop.

Meta5 has been designed from the ground up for power data analysts to use as their Data Analysis Desktop.

With a rich and proud history with over USD 100 million in development investment Meta5 is unique.

Some of the greatest minds in the BI world, such as Dr. Ralph Kimball, laid the foundations for what Meta5 has become today.

These visionaries created a concept that has been upgraded, enhanced and extended to continue to be at the leading edge of Business Intelligence today.

No other product has the depth and breadth of integrated tools to empower the power data analyst to answer the toughest questions quickly and easily.

With Meta5 you can make the impossible routine.

Would you like to see what the worlds most sophisticated and advanced Data Analysis Desktop looks like? Please click on our introductory demonstrations.