Meta5 and our business partners provide the full range of services required to implement Business Intelligence Solutions using the Meta5 product.

Try and Buy

Our entry level service is the “Try and Buy” service. With this service we will provide you with a fully enabled Meta5 system as a virtual machine. You can attach this system to your LAN to access your data warehouse and all the data available to the users via your LAN.

We will make 6 desktops available so that up to 6 of your best and brightest power data analysts can put Meta5 through it’s paces. There is no better way for you to come to understand the power and value of Meta5 than to use it to solve your real world problems today.

We recommend you attempt to solve problems and answer questions that you have been unable to solve with any of your existing tools. Focus on what you have declared impossible. Meta5 makes the impossible routine.

Where other products can solve very complex problems Meta5 can usually solve them about 5 times faster.

This is the value of Meta5. Fastest time to answer.

The “Try and Buy” service is offered on a fixed period of 3 months or 6 months basis. It is paid in advance. The fee is $15,000 and $30,000 respectively.

Should your company go on to buy Meta5 the “Try and Buy” fee is fully credited against the licence fees of the purchase.

“Try and Buy” Meta5. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Meta5 provides the full range of training and education programs needed to master the use of the Meta5 product. We can provide this education in house, at our offices, or via our You Tube Education Channel for those who wish to self study.

Database Design and Implementation

We have been at the leading edge of Business Intelligence Data Modeling for 30 years. We can perform Database Design and Implementation for those clients who do not already have their data warehouse implemented.

One of the visionaries who designed Meta5 is Dr. Ralph Kimball. Dr. Kimball is world renowned for his work on data warehousing data models. Dr. Kimballs ideas about data models are embedded in to our tools. We are experts in building star schema databases.

Application Development.

The value of Meta5 is created via the development of Business Intelligence Applications. These applications are built in “capsules”. If you wish Meta5 to build your applications for you we have skilled consultants and business partners available at industry standard rates.

If you want to know more? Please give us a call on 866-META555.

Meta5: “Fastest time to answer” your next big question.